Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal Design

Brampton Sheetmetal works with you to produce the perfect design for the products you need.

At Brampton Sheetmetal, we aim to simplify the design process. We work closely with you to produce high quality, functional sheet metal products, and can deliver a sheet metal design that’s right for you.

We have a comprehensive range of state of the art sheet metal manufacturing machinery ideal for laser cutting, punching and folding. Our manufacturing capabilities are diverse and flexible. Any component part we design for you is created in 3D SolidWorks, ensuring a precision reproduction with fast, cost-effective turnaround.

We pride ourselves on our customer-driven approach of delivering excellent quality to our sheet metal design and manufacturing customers. Call 03 9729 8877 or visit us at our Boronia factory to talk through your designs with one of our experts. We provide Australia-wide delivery so no matter where you are based we can help you out.

Virtual Prototyping VPSS

Brampton Sheetmetal uses the latest in Virtual Prototyping Simulation software to verify your project in 3D, ensuring that your sheet metal designs are manufactured correctly the first time and every time thereafter.

The VPSS system allows Brampton Sheetmetal to achieve highly accurate print-to-part processing first time, without the need for wasteful prototypes.

Virtual Prototype Simulation Software uses a comprehensive database of information and parameters from the factory’s actual machines, tools and materials in generating accurate 3D CAD models. Using actual data guarantees that the model on the screen will be accurate to the finished product with no prototyping or defects.